If you are interested in enrolling your child at Beaconhouse Newlands, please
visit the school. You will meet with the registrar and the Principal who will discuss your child’s education. An entrance assessment is required before a place can be offered. The assessment will consist of either:

  • A literacy and numeracy activity to assess language for students wishing to enter Reception – Year 2; or
  • A placement test for students wishing to enter Year 3 – Year  9 (English & Mathematics)
  • A placement test for students wishing to enter Year 10 or 11 (English, Mathematics & Science)

Once the assessment result and the reports from the previous school (if applicable) are reviewed, a decision will be made as to whether your child can be offered a place at the school. If your child is offered a place, you will be required to pay the registration fee, security deposit and one term’s tuition fee.


Give your child a head start with the Beaconhouse School System, one of the largest, most established school networks in the world with over 303,000 students in eight countries.

Year Group Placement
School Fees

A comprehensive fee structure is available detailing inclusive and non-inclusive items.

Admission Form
Student Transfer

A transfer facility is available for all students in Beaconhouse schools to Beaconhouse Newlands. Further information is available from the school office.

School Uniform

Pupils are required to wear the designated school uniform which includes clothing for the physical education lessons. The uniform is available from the school at an additional cost. All clothes and personal belongings must have name tags.


A textbook list for each year of schooling is available from the school office. This can be purchased at the School Bookshop or online and incurs an additional cost. Exercise books can also be purchased from the School Bookshop and will incur an additional cost.

The school provides healthy, nutritionally balanced meals. A vegetarian option is available and special dietary requirements are also catered for. If your child has any allergies or particular dietary needs, please inform the school so that they can cater accordingly. School meals is compulsory for all students. A morning snack and lunch is
included in the school fees.


Organised school transport is available through designated routes. Please enquire at the school office for further information.


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