Terms & Conditions

New Enrolment

  1. For new enrolment in 2020/21 into Beaconhouse School the total fees payable will be the Registration Fee + Security Deposit + One Month Fee. One school year comprises of 3 terms. Fees are payable to BEACONHOUSE MALAYSIA SDN. BHD.
  2. Registration Fee is a one-time non- refundable nor transferable payment upon the student being granted admission to the school. Tuition Fees are not transferable. Entrance Assessment is a one-time non-refundable payment upon the child taking the test.
  3. Parent shall pay additional monies necessary to top-up the deposit to maintain it’s equivalence to one term’s tuition fee on or before the commencement of the relevant academic term.
  4. For foreign student’s, the visa must be approved by Immigration to be accepted into Beaconhouse Schools.

School Fees

  1. All applicable school fees related to a term are due and payable prior to commencement of the term. School fees must be paid even in the case of absence due to injury, illness or any other cause.
  2. The School reserves the right to refuse entry to the school to any student whose fees are outstanding for more than thirty (30) days. A penalty of RM50.00 will be levied for late payment of fees.
  3. Siblings Discounts
    1. The School recognises the impact the cost of education can have on families with multiple children.
    2. In an effort to assist families considering Beaconhouse, the School has established a tuition fee discount for families with multiple siblings.
    3. The following applies;
      The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th child will be given a 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% discount respectively.
      If there is more than 5 children, the 20% discount is applicable.
    4. Definition of sibling: The student must be one of two or more children (biological and both parents in common).
    5. This discount is not available to family members outside the sibling relationship such as stepbrothers/sisters, cousins etc.
    6. (This discount is applicable for the entire duration of each sibling’s study at Beaconhouse Schools)
  4. Miscellaneous charges includes but not limited to library, resources, lab and technology fees. It is non-refundable and non-transferable.

* All fees and policies are subject to change without prior notice.